How to succeed your EPSO Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and e-tray exam with a top score higher than 90%?

This online course will guide you to understand and master the ultimate method to solve the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and e-tray example quickly and effectively. You will discover the knowledge and unique technique to get a top score higher than 90%!

Are you in this situation?

  • You are looking for the best training to succeed your EPSO SJT and e-tray, but until now, nothing looks good enough...
  • Till today, you are not able to improve your score for the Situational Judgement Test to reach 90%...
  • You already tried EPSO competitions several times, but you did not succeed the stage 1 due to SJT. You are looking for the best training to ensure you are well prepared for the next competition...
  • You want to prepare the new e-tray exam used by EPSO for AD and AST competitions

We have great news for you! There is a solution to learn how to master the Situational Judgement Test and the e-tray exam to get one of the highest score! Let us reveal it now...

The 6 major mistakes of EPSO candidates failing at SJT and e-tray exam

Over the last 3 years, we have been analysing why EPSO candidates have challenged to reach a top score of 90% on SJT and e-tray exam, responsible for the failure of the EPSO competition.

The most common mistakes are :

  • Not preparation the format of SJT and e-tray exam
  • Insufficient preparation on SJT and e-tray exam, as candidates think it is easy to get 90%
  • Using poor question solving strategy to solve SJT and e-tray
  • Not reading the entire statement correctly or not able to identify the key elements
  • Lack of understanding of the 8 competencies used by EPSO to identify the right/wrong behaviours.
  • No understanding of what EPSO is looking for in terms of skills and competencies

We have created this online course to help the most motivated EPSO candidates to prepare the EPSO competition and avoid these common mistakes.

81% of the EPSO candidates that have followed this online training have been able to succeed Situational Judgement Test with a score higher than 90%!

We are helping EPSO candidates on SJT since 2011!

Since 3 years, ABILITUS has helped 2500 EPSO candidates to succeed the Situational Judgement Test. We are proud to say that the EPSO candidates that have been using our services are getting higher results at SJT than the average candidates!

Our ABILITUS team is understanding the challenges of EPSO candidates concerning the competency exams : SJT and e-tray.

Therefore, we offer you the materials, the practice tests and the ultimate method to prepare EPSO SJT and e-tray the best way, to maximize your chances to succeed the next EPSO competition. We are helping candidates to be amongst the top candidates to be invited for the Assessment Centre!

We are helping EPSO candidates through

  1. Our online interactive platform which has 10 practice tests for Situational Judgement, which means 200 questions in English or in French.
  2. Our live training to teach the ultimate method to solve SJT and e-tray.

Here's exactly what you're getting

This online training will give you the best preparation for the SJT and e-tray exams. We have designed this training based on solve the main challenges and mistakes of the EPSO candidates.

Through this online training, you will :

  • Understand what EPSO is looking for as candidates to become EU civil servants
  • In 1 week, you will understand the keys to succeed the EPSO competition
  • Learn the best thinking methodology that will help you to succeed SJT and e-tray with a top score
  • Be fully prepared to be amongst the most prepared candidates to succeed the EPSO competition

"This training is not only about SJT and e-tray, but one of the best preparation to succeed an EPSO competition!" Davide (Italy)

What you will learn in this training

This training is structured in 4 modules, with an additional bonus module. You can access it at anytime, from anywhere and follow it at your own rhythm!

Module 1 - What EPSO is looking for

To succeed an EPSO competition, you need to understand what kind of profiles EPSO is looking for. By understanding it, it will guide you during each stage of the competition to have the right behaviours and increase your chances to succeed.

In this module, you will learn

  • Understand the mission of the EU institutions
  • The 6 values held by the EU institutions, applicable for all EU Civil Servants
  • The definition of the 8 core competencies used by EPSO
  • The duties of Administrators and Assistants

Module 2 - Mastering Situational Judgement Test and e-tray exam

To increase your results for a SJT and e-tray, you need to master the specificities of these two tests. You should avoid the most common mistakes responsible for failing this test.

In this module, you will learn

  • The specificities of Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) used by EPSO. Understanding the scoring matrice
  • The specificities of the e-tray exam used by EPSO.
  • What do SJTs and e-tray exams measure
  • The 5 common mistakes regarding SJT and e-tray
  • The equation to solve SJT and e-tray in an effective way

Module 3 - Understanding the 8 core competencies

To get a high score at SJT and e-tray, you need to understand which are the most and least effective behaviours for each competency. Learning these behaviors will help you to solve these two tests quickly and efficiently. By focusing time on this module, it will strongly increase your results to be amongst the best candidates.

In this module, you will learn

  • PDF Guide : The competencies star model
  • The best and the worst behaviors for the 8 competencies : Resilience, Working with Others, Communication, Quality & Results, Learning & Development, Priority & Organizing, Analysis & Problem Solving, Leadership
  • The questions to ask yourself for each competency when solving a SJT and e-tray question

Module 4 - A Unique method to solve SJT and e-tray

In this exclusive module, you will discover a unique method to solve SJT and e-tray. You will be able to quickly identify the right answers to the question.

In this module, you will learn:

  • The best practice to solve SJT and e-tray
  • Identify the key elements of the SJT and e-tray situation in few seconds
  • Identify the constraints related to the situation influencing the most and least effective answers
  • The questions to ask yourself to identify the right answers

FREE BONUS - A full SJT of 20 questions with detailed explanations (Value of 97€)

Having a method is key to solve SJT. To help you master the method describe in this online training, we offer a bonus : a free Situational Judgement Test of 20 questions, with a detailed explanation comparing each individual 4 answers.

In this module, you will learn:

  • You will have the opportunity to do a SJT of 20 questions by using the method
  • For each question, you will get a full explanation of the answers: the question to ask yourself
  • You will get a detailed explanation for the 4 possible answers that will help you to master SJT
  • Progressive learning of the SJT method, by doing each question individually

Guarantee #1

This training course has been designed to help EPSO candidates to get quick and effective results on preparing Situational Judgement Test and e-tray exam for the EPSO AD/AST competitions.

Guarantee #2

EPSO candidates that have followed this training are getting higher score results for the Situational Judgement Test : 81% of the students have reached at least a result of 90%!

We need to tell you something...

This intensive course is not for everyone. Our experience is showing that you need to be committed to working hard to succeed the EPSO competition. 

This online training is dedicated for EPSO candidates who are really motivated to succeed the EPSO competition. Are you really one of them?

This online course is the main training you need to master the competencies tests used by EPSO (SJT and e-tray). This training has been designed to help you to quickly understand the knowledge, the tips and the best method to solve these tests for the EPSO competitions.

What EPSO candidates are saying about this online course

"This online training with ABILITUS gave me the methodology needed to succeed the EPSO Situational Judgement Test. After 2 years of failing at the stage 1, I understood the key elements to master SJT and be invited for the AD Assessment Centre!"

Maria (Romania)

"I have been struggling with Situational Judgement for 4 years, while I'm good at Numerical, Abstract and Verbal Reasoning... I was not selected due to SJT. I have used this training to understand how I should solve SJT. In less than one week, I've understand the key elements that have made the difference to succeed AD SJT."

Peter (The Netherlands)

"I wish to thank ABILITUS for all of your valuable materials on situational judgement. This training is so important! It helped me to feel prepared and confidence during the computer-based test, to succeed that stage! Finally I have been invited to take the Assessment Centre and hope to get an EU job."

Karolina (Poland)

"Great course! Great team! Great materials! Thank you very much for your support and dedicated that have helped me to prepared the Situational Judgement exam of the EPSO competition."

Mathieu (France)

We are helping EPSO candidates with this SJT training since 2012. We have decided to create an online training to reach more EPSO candidates!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • q-iconWhy do I need this online training on SJT?

    It is hard to succeed SJT with a score higher than 90% without a strong method and preparation. This online training will give you the ultimate tips and advices to help you in your preparation.

  • q-iconI've failed SJT in the past several times. Can this training help me?

    YES definitely! By following this training, you will learn a method which will help you to strongly increase your results at Situational Judgement Tests. You will learn to identify quickly and effectively the right and wrong behaviours for any work-related situation.

  • q-iconWill I get a book or documents?

    The training is 100% online, by using text and videos. There is not book. During the training, you will be able to download some documents to prepare the EPSO competition.

  • q-iconHow much time does it take to follow this training?

    If you dedicate the proper amount of time, in less than one week, you will learn this unique method to solve SJT, and be able to master it when practising Situational Judgement Tests.

  • q-iconWhen will I start seeing results?

    Forget courses or methods that take weeks or months before you start seeing results. This online training on SJT is its efficiency. You will increase your knowledge on how to solve SJT, and you will see quick changes in your results!

  • q-iconI've tried other programs before. How this training will be different?

    This online training to master EPSO SJT was specifically designed to prepare EPSO candidates for the AD/AST competitions. It has been created based on EPSO candidates expectations to help you to reach the high scores at SJT.