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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our team is dedicated to offer you the best preparation. We have created this section to answer the most frequent questions about our platform.

General information on our service

Are you related to any private/public organization?

No. ABILITUS is a product of an independent company INTENSEEV SPRL. However we are working with Human Resources specialists to develop and offer the right preparation method for job seekers. Having these contacts is crucial for us to make sure that our tests are aligned on the aptitude tests used during recruitment processes.

Is it a free service? Do I have to pay on monthly basis?

The registration (sign-up) is completely free. By registering, you have the opportunity to subscribe our newsletters informing you about the changes on our website, but also receive some articles that can help you for your preparation.

You can also access to some free demo and examples of aptitude tests. You simply need to click on the buttons available on our website to try our interactive testing module before buying a package.

To practice and prepare yourself to aptitude tests, you need to buy a 'test package'. The payment is done only once. There are no monthly fees to use our service. Our packages' prices are including VAT and are available on the page 'Our Tests'. When you buy a test package, you also have access to preparations documents that will help you : study materials, preparation planning, tips & hits, articles on specific topics (CV, interviews,...).

Which forms of payment do you accept? Is it safe?

We offer to forms of payment :

- Online Payment : real-time payment that we will provide an immediate access to our tests. It is the faster and safer payment form. We are working with the leading payment providers Paypal to do the transaction. Transaction is secured with security checks.
Accepted cards : Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Maestro.

- Bank Transfer : we also accept bank transfer. But make sure the transfer is being made in Euro (pay attention to the exchange rates). A bank transfer can takes between 3-5 working days depending your bank and/or country. When the payment is received, we will provide the access to the test and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Check with your bank that all transfer fees are covered by your bank. Your account will not be upgrade if charges are deduced from the total amount of the transaction.

Your preparation method and tests are designed for whom?

We invite all job seekers to use our service before the recruitment process. Preparation will significantly increase your chances of success. Our tests can be used for aptitude tests used by recruiters in private companies (banking, consulting, audit, finance,...) BUT also for open competition/concours used in public institutions (EPSO competition for the European Commission for example).

Will you send me books or paper documents?

There is nothing to deliver. All of our service is online, accessed through a username and password. All our documents are available in PDF and can be downloaded. You can print them for your own personal use only! Our documents and practice tests are under copyright. They cannot be shared, reproduced with any third parties without our authorisation. A commercial use is also strictly prohibited without our authorisation!

Questions on our aptitude tests

How can I can start using the tests?

You need first to 'Sign up' to create an account. Then you can choose which test package you want to buy. Complete the online payment process and you will get an immediate access to the tests via 'My Account' after entering your username and password.

How many times can I use a test? Can I retake them? Can I revise the questions?

Number of tests you can do : Each package is providing access to a specific number of tests. We invited you to check our SJT Practice Test page to review the content of each package.

Number of tests available in your account : When you are connected to your account, you have a global view on the number of tests available and already done.

Testing Module : We have developed an interactive testing module to practice the tests, reproducing a real test environment used by recruiters in public and private sector. Before starting a test, you have to select the language (depending the availability) and the difficulty level (depending the test type). When you decide to start, the test is randomly selected in our database. Each test can be run twice. For each run, you can revise your results via the revision module. For the second run of a test, the languages and difficulty level cannot be changed.

Revision Module :  We also developed a REVISION MODULE, to review your performance for a particular test. Revising a test will help you to see the correct/wrong answers. And for each question, you will have an explanation of the correct answers, and you can identify your strengths/weaknesses. Revision of your test is always available at any time for an unlimited period.

Which aptitudes tests do you offer?

Currently, we only offer practice tests for 'Situational Judgement Test' (SJT). Why? It is one of the most unknown test, and being more and more used by recruiters to assess competencies. Recruiters are looking for candidates with the strongest competencies, and SJTs are one of the strongest tool to do it. As the documentation on these tests is limited, we decided to first develop them. They are also considering as the most difficult test because they are not directly linked to the knowledge, but to the ability to identify the best behaviour in work-related situations.

Can I see some free examples of the practice tests?

Yes, we have free demo of aptitude tests on our website. Go on the 'Our Tests' or 'Our Method' pages and you can find a button to get access to these free examples (free demo).

In which languages the tests are available?

Currently, our practice tests are available in French and English. All the documents linked to the preparation method are in English. For the future, we are working on translating them in other key European languages. By subscribing to our newsletters, you will be informed when new languages will be available.

What is the difficulty level of your tests?

Recruiters are using tests that are standardised (style and format) provided by companies (i.e SHL or Cubiks). Our questions have been designed to match recruiters' expectations (private and public as EPSO). The difficulty level of aptitude tests depends on the job positions. If you are applying for a manager's position, you will have to face the most difficult tests.

For the best preparation, you should know what you want to achieve and select the right difficulty level depending the objectives. The difficulty level that you will face here is globally a little bit higher that what you can face during a recruitment process. But you should consider this as a key advantage for you!

For Situational Judgement Tests, there is only one difficulty level, but challenging you in various work-related situations to get the best evaluation of the 8 core competencies.

Where do you get your tests from?

We design our tests ourselves. We are following a strong development process to make sure our tests are aligned on recruiters' expectations. First, we are following the construction rules of aptitude and psychometric tests to create the questions. Each question is being validated by Human Resources specialists. On regular basis, we also track the users' answers of each question. When we have doubts on a question, we review it or simply delete it from our database.

Can I use the tests to prepare the EPSO competition (European Commission concours)?

Yes definitely. Our practice tests are also aligned on the tests that you will face in the EPSO competition. Each year, we are taking ESPO competition (AST1, AST3 and AD) to make sure our tests are aligned. Users that used our interactive platform also confirmed us that our tests are very similar to EPSO requirements.

What is the validity period of your tests?

The validity period is not limited in the time. But as we are developing our website everyday to offer the best preparation to job seekers, we recommend you to use the tests within 1 year. Above this timing, we cannot fully insure the validity of our tests. Some development of new modules might require important changes in the system.

Questions on our preparation method

How did you develop your preparation method?

We have worked with Human Resources specialists to develop our tests, but also to create the study materials (e-books, articles,..). We also used the latest researches made in the human resources field to complete our preparation method. Our service has been developed to help you on three specific points :
1. Knowledge of the tests : understand them through study materials, tips&hits,...
2. Practice tests matching recruiters' expectations
3. Preparation plan to increase your soft skills such as concentration, speed of reading, stress management

What additional services do you offer?

Next to our tests and method, our goal is also to help you to find a job. We provide access to articles on specific topics to increase your chances of success. For examples : how to prepare your CV, how to prepare for an interview,...

Is it legal and ethical to practice these tests before a recruitment process?

Yes. Being prepared to aptitude tests is absolutely needed to increase your chances of success. Recruiters also encourage candidates to practice. Having a preparation helps you to understand the test, how they are working and avoid to lose time when taking them in reality. And when the number of candidates is important (such as EPSO competition and concours), a strong preparation is needed to be ahead and get results above the average.

I only have few days before taking the tests, is it enough to be prepared?

We recommend to have the longest preparation as possible, to master the tests correctly and significantly increase your chances to succeed. But we know sometimes that a long preparation is not possible. In that case, we also recommend you to practice a few tests to understand them and not be surprised when you will be in the recruitment process. Since our tests are immediately available after payment, you can directly practice!

Can I share my account with a friend or a colleague?

No. Each account has to be linked to individual person. For safety reason, our security system will not accept two connections at the same time from different computer.

Questions on the technical aspect

Do I need to install something on my computer?

Everything we offer is online, accessible everywhere (only need a pc and internet connection) and anytime (24/24 and all days) through our website. You have nothing to install on your computer. You simply have to follow the instructions to access our documents and tests. Our website is designed for the latest internet browsers. If you noticed a technical issue, check first is you have the latest browser available (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome,...). Our service can be used on PC and Mac.

If you still encounter a technical issue, contact our support team, explaining your issue in detail and we will provide you the right support.

Do I always need to use my own computer?

Our website is available at anywhere and anywhere. To connect, you need a computer and an internet connection. You simply need your username and password to access the tests.

Get prepared for your aptitude tests!

ABILITUS offers you an interactive platform and study materials to help you in the preparation and successfully succeed your Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)!

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