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Our method to prepare Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)

In this section, you will discover the method that we are using to offer the best preparation for Situational Judgement Test (SJT), and more general to succeed the recruitment process.

What are the factors determining success for aptitude tests?

Aptitude tests are used in assessment centres and recruitment procedures to evaluate the candidate's profile. It is currently the best way to predict the future performance of a candidate. Several factors are influencing the success for these tests.

Discover the 3 main factors influencing the results:

  • 1

    Educational & Professional

    Your educational background and professional experiences have an influence on your performance and aptitudes. A strong background can provide you an advantage for aptitude tests. It is not a factor on which on you can directly react on short term to increase your chance of success. Some hobbies can influence your results to some tests.

  • 2

    Motivation & Behaviour

    Taking aptitude tests can be very challenging. Your motivation to succeed and obtain the desired job/competition is a key factor. Your motivation will depend on: - Set clear goals and objectives on what you want to achieve - Fix an action plan for your preparation

  • 3

    Preparation & Training

    Before taking these tests, the quality of your preparation is very important to significantly increase your chances of success: Understand the tests. Learn the methods and tips to succeed. Regular preparation with practice tests. Challenge yourself in the preparation.

Why using ABILITUS for your preparation can help you?

The method ABILITUS will mainly focus on your Preparation and Training. We offer an online and interactive environment to get the best preparation for aptitude tests. Our method will also help you to work on the Motivation and Behaviour part as you will have access to tools and tips : planning tools, articles on the right behaviour, advices for your CV and interviews,...

Our preparation method is going to help you on 3 points:

Get prepared for your aptitude tests!

ABILITUS offers you an interactive platform and study materials to help you in the preparation and successfully succeed your Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)!

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