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About Us

Our mission is to offer a professional and interactive platform for aptitude and psychometric test. Through our platform, you will successfully prepare your recruitment procedure for public or private sectors.

Our Story

Our adventure has started after failing an abstract test in the recruitment process of a worldwide bank. Our university studies helped us to develop a logical thinking, a way of working and acquire some knowledge. But it did not prepare us as job seekers to succeed aptitude tests. After this experience, we had the idea to create an online interactive platform to help other job seekers.

Our Vision

To identify the best candidates, recruiters are using more and more aptitude tests to measure the skills. We think that aptitude tests should not be a blocking hurdle to get your dream work. We have decided to create a platform dedicated to help you to prepare aptitude tests. Our goal is to help job seekers in their preparation to maximize their chances to succeed the aptitude tests and get they dreamed job!

Our Team

We have a passion for entrepreneurship and development of new solutions. Our expertise in various fields (Human Resource, Psychology, Sociology, Webdesign, professional experience in multinational companies) is a key strength for this project. We are fully dedicated to offer the best online platform, aligned on recruiters' expectations and methods.

Get prepared for your aptitude tests!

ABILITUS offers you an interactive platform and study materials to help you in the preparation and successfully succeed your Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)!

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