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40 days to master Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) for the EPSO competitions

This planning and preparation will help you to master SJT and increase your chances to succeed it!

We got questions from EPSO candidates requesting help to define an optimize planning to practice Situational Judgment Test for the EPSO competitions (AST3 and AD5/AD7). As the next EPSO competition for AST3 profiles is planned for December, we have worked on this topic to help you in your preparation. Based on our experience, but also on the feedback we got from ABILITUS's users, we have defined the optimal planning period to prepare SJT.

This planning has been developed to offer you the most effective preparation, to be ready and confident with SJT. You will have the time to develop your knowledge and improve your performance.

The benefits of this planning are multiple:

  1. Get the time to understand the content on SJT, learn the methods and master the components of SJT.
  2. A structured planning to do the practice tests and avoid stress due to last minute preparation.
  3. Organize your work to review your answers and analyze your performance to consider the learning.
  4. Avoid a memorization of the answers, as the two runs of the test are splitted on 3 weeks.
  5. Get the time to understand the right/wrong behaviors of each competency assessed in SJT.
  6. Be more efficient in answering the SJT questions, by taking less time to answer a question.

The planning that you can find below is a 6 weeks preparation (40 days). You migh ask, but why so long?
Preparing a recruitment procedure as the EPSO competition is like doing sport competitions. To get the best performance, you need to practice on the long term. The duration of the preparation period is making the difference the average and successful candidates. or all EPSO exams (SJT, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning but also the Assessment Centre (AC) exams), you need to prepare in advance to be amontst the 15% best candidates.

Here some interesting facts to know on SJT.
On average, a candidate which is taking a Situation Judgment Test for the first time has a result of 67%. After 3 practice tests, the average performance raises to 83%. After a full preparation, the average is 92%!

You know now what to do to maximize your chances to succeed. Do not do replicate the same mistake as 90% of the EPSO candidates by under-estimating the importance of SJT for EPSO. Take the time to prepare them!

We advise the EPSO candidates to follow the planning below. As the EPSO AST3 competition will start in December 2012, we recommend you to start your preparation now.

Good luck!

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