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Prepare Situational Judgement Test (SJT) to improve your chances of success!

ABILITUS offers an online platform with professional tests to support your preparation for the EPSO competition or for public/private recruitment procedures!

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We can help to prepare your Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and EPSO Case Study. We have online simulation and online courses that you can take to succeed the tests.

79% of the people using ABILITUS have succeeded Situational Judgement Test with a score higher than 90%

An interactive and professional platform for your preparation

  • Practice with a professional online interface, simulating realistic conditions (time constraint)

  • More than 200 SJT questions, online case study simulations, high level training

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Latest news on ABILITUS

EPSO NEWS (April 29th, 2015) - Why you should focus on the 8 competencies in your preparation?

A common question from EPSO candidates are: why should I study the 8 competencies to get a top score at SJT and e-tray? In this article, we will explain why you should understand and study all 8 core competencies used to EPSO to succeed the next EPSO competition.

Your Abilitus Team

ABILITUS NEWS (April 20th, 2015) - Weekly SJT challenge WEEK 2

We have posted the second weekly SJT challenge on our Facebook page. Check it here. You can win a Classic SJT package to help you preparing SJT and e-tray exam.

Your Abilitus Team.

EPSO NEWS (April 17th, 2015) - The 3 common mistakes when solving SJT and e-tray questions

Over the last 3 years, we helped thousands of candidates to prepare the SJT and e-tray exam. We have identified the 3 most common mistakes responsible for the failure of these two tests:
- Lack of understanding of the core competencies
- Making assumptions when reading the SJT and e-tray statement
- Poor solving question strategy

In this article, we explain why these are the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Your Abilitus Team.

ABILITUS NEWS (April 13th, 2015) - Participate to the 2015 Weekly SJT challenge

To help EPSO candidates preparing the AD5 competition, ABILITUS is launching the weekly Situational Judgement Test challenge till end of June. Candidates can win each week a free SJT package with practice tests!

Find all the details here

Your Abilitus Team.

EPSO NEWS (April 4th, 2015) - How to prepare the EPSO e-tray exam?

In the new AD5 competition (for Generalists and Auditors), EPSO has included a new stage : the e-tray exam. Around 1500 candidates will be invited to that new stage.

EPSO’s strategy is to better measure the skills and aptitudes of the candidates. Therefore, EPSO is increasing the important of competencies tests as Situational Judgement Test and e-tray exam. In the future, EPSO will continue to change the competition in that direction.

We got several questions from EPSO candidates on the new e-tray exam for AD5 competitions. We have written this article to present in details the similarities and the differences with the Situational Judgement Test. Click here to access the article.

Your Abilitus Team.

EPSO NEWS (March 27th, 2015) - EPSO 2015 competition for AD5 Auditors

ESPO has just announced the new competition 2015 (EPSO/AD/302/15) for AD5 Auditors. There are 80 positions on the reserve list. The application period is from 26/03/2015 till 28/04/2015. See EPSO notice of competition here.

A quick tip is to apply for the AD5 Generalists and Auditors competitions at the same time. You can copy/paste your application to see time. You can find in this article the 12 steps to apply for an EPSO competition.

EPSO NEWS (March 22nd, 2015) - Our recommendations to succeed the pre-selection of the AD5 Administrators (Competition 2015)

As announced a few days ago, you can now apply for the AD5 Administrators competition. You have till 21/04/2015 to send your application. For the AD5 competition of 2015, EPSO did some changes in the concours :
- There is now 3 stages instead of 2, with a new e-tray exam for Administrator
- The scoring system in the stage 1 (computer-based tests) has changed, to focus more on Situational Judgement and Abstract Reasoning Tests.

To help you to prepare the stage 1 of the AD5 competition, we have written a post with our recommendations. You can access our recommendations here.

EPSO NEWS (March 19th, 2015) - EPSO 2015 competition for Administrators (AD5)

ESPO has just announced the new competition 2015 (EPSO/AD/301/15) for Administrators (AD5). There are 149 positions on the reserve list. The application period is from 19/03/2015 till 21/04/2015. See EPSO notice of competition here.

It is time to prepare your application. Do not wait the last minute to fill your application. It is a key element to prepare in order to succeed the competition. You can find in this article the 12 steps to apply for an EPSO competition.

Our tips and tricks to prepare SJT and the EPSO competition

Start preparing the EPSO competition or your recruitment procedure with confidence. We have built an interactive platform easy and simple to use. The level of our practices tests is high to offer you the best preparation.

We have also a full section with TIPS & TRICKS to help you preparing the EPSO concours.

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